About Elaine Kozak

Courtesy: Howard Fry

Elaine Kozak grew up in pioneer conditions on a prairie farm. With few playmates and no television, she made up stories to entertain herself. The world beckoned, and after a rich and varied education including work abroad, Elaine enjoyed a fulfilling career involving trade policy, economic summits, and overseas missions. 

In time, however, Elaine was ready for a change.  After a long, reflective road trip through the U.S. Southwest, Elaine and her husband decided to leave the corporate world to plant a vineyard and establish a winery on Canada’s Pacific Coast.  Elaine’s husband dealt with the grape-growing because he knew far more about soil, plants, machinery and such than she did.  That left the job of winemaking which, after study and mentoring from a master winemaker, she took on.  Elaine loved making wine (usually to a soundtrack of her favorite music played loud) and remembers the weather, crush conditions and vintage idiosyncrasies for each of the fifteen harvests she processed.  Her wines won numerous awards including best-in-class in an international wine competition.

Elaine’s first book, a mystery titled Root Causes inspired by her experience starting the vineyard, launched her on a new adventure.  Although she misses the thrills and puzzles of winegrowing, especially in the fall when the grapes are ripe, she is glad to have more time to write.  Elaine and her husband now live in Victoria, Canada, with their charming but willful Norwegian Elkhound.

Courtesy: Evan Gatehouse

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