Rhapsody in a Minor Mode

The life of Niels Larsen, a gifted young cellist, is unfolding as it should. He’s about to complete his music studies at the University of Toronto, and is ready to commit to Aude, his long-time love and soulmate. His world is shattered when a casual remark at a New Year’s party back home in Vancouver reveals the truth about his origins. Questioning the very basis of his existence, Niels drops out of university, abandons his cello, forsakes Aude, and cuts all ties with his family to embark on a solitary journey of healing and self-discovery.

Niels’ journey takes him to Spain, where he falls under the spell of Tiago, an enigmatic gitano guitarist. Tiago’s mysterious legacy launches Niels on a new musical path, and he is torn between a future in Spain and returning to his home in Canada. As he struggles to reconcile the different elements of his life, Niels learns about love, loss, and the true meaning of family, and discovers that sometimes life does give you a second chance.

An engaging story with winning characters and an absorbing backdrop. – Kirkus Reviews

Rhapsody in a Minor Mode by Elaine Kozak is a wildly affecting story about love and the process of becoming . . . brought to life with her beautiful prose and philosophical characters. This gem will fill your heart. 5 stars. – Reader Views Book Reviews

A touching, heartfelt character study, Elaine Kozak’s Rhapsody in a Minor Mode resonates with family drama, vibrant characters, and uptempo melodies. 4.7 stars. – IndieReader

A heart-expanding novel of tragic revelations, young love, and the eye-opening journeys we must take alone. The lyrical prose is eloquent and moving. 4.5 stars. – Self Publishing Review

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The Lighthouse

The glory of New Mexico sunshine refracting through the famed Tree of Light window embodies the spirit of the Lighthouse resort, architect Niels Larsen’s final brilliant creation before his untimely death. Located on the family ranch and run by his daughter Ris and her husband Lucas Wilde—whose harrowing past led to a monk’s vows until his love for Ris shattered them—the Lighthouse is a haven offering rest and rejuvenation.

One by one, Niels’ descendants are drawn back to the sanctuary of the ranch. His grandson Theo Wilde, a frustrated artist, has abandoned his wayward wandering to raise his young son alone. Ben Wilde, a successful lawyer and Theo’s estranged brother, flees a crumbling marriage to manage the Lighthouse after internal corruption is exposed. Fin Larsen, Niels’ son and a renowned composer, retreats to mourn the loss of his wife. Devastated by her mother’s death, their runaway daughter Leah comes home after a mysterious ten-year absence.

As the family warily threads itself back together, old conflicts are reignited, deep secrets are revealed, past traumas are confronted, and taboos are tested. And with the future of the Lighthouse hanging in the balance, the spirit of its creator must shine through one last time…

Reviews for The Lighthouse

“Past traumas, dark secrets and reconciliations are at the heart of The Lighthouse, a wonderfully engaging work of women’s fiction by Elaine Kozak. Every character has an engaging back story, some with deeply-buried secrets and past traumas that have haunted them into adulthood, leaving the reader engrossed in their stories both past and present. The characters have has his or her share of flaws, but these flaws are what give each one of them substance, strength, and resilience. They are inspiring as characters and in the way that Kozak has exquisitely constructed their stories. All in all, The Lighthouse is an addictive read – one that has emotional depth, thanks to the complicated lives of every character. There are tears and drama, breakups and reunions, and even romance, and you won’t be able to put the book down until the last page has been read.”

Self-Publishing Review

“Throughout this novel, Kozak pays particular attention to setting, surrounding her characters with gorgeous mountain scenery and a ranch that’s layered with memories of departed family members. Kozak has crafted warm, inviting, and thoughtful characters here; there’s family bickering, of course, but they mostly speak to one another with fierce intelligence and admirable honesty. Even in dark moments, it’s a pleasure to spend time with them. A peculiar but engrossing family drama, elevated by truly rich characters.”

Kirkus Reviews

The Lighthouse is richly detailed and beautifully told with many layers of history, viewpoints, and mysteries, each revealed and resolved with perfect timing. Kozak is a master of showing the characters’ inner lives and writing richly evocative scenes. The Lighthouse is a well-wrought, multi-generational family saga inhabited by people readers care about. Its tight plot, well-paced narrative, emotionally resonant characters, and rich language make it hard to put down.”

BlueInk Review

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Root Causes

Root Causes is a dramatic murder mystery that begins when Clare’s fiancé, Leo, dies in a tragic car accident. Clare soon discovers that his death, and his life, may not have been what they seem.

Caught up in a maelstrom of events and now fleeing for her life, Clare escapes to Leo’s secret, unfinished vineyard. The mystery of Leo’s life grows even darker when two men are murdered and Clare becomes the prime suspect. The quiet and reserved Clare becomes an unlikely heroine as she strives to figure out Leo’s ties to the dead men and why someone now wants her dead. Clare travels to Northern Quebec and Italy, and deep into Leo’s past, to uncover the truth.

Reviews for Root Causes

“Altogether, unassuming Clare is an unlikely heroine for a book with all the elements of a mystery—a woman in jeopardy, a mysterious legacy, buried secrets, money at stake, revenge and murder. But she does become a heroine—in a restrained, quiet way. Kozak writes well, skillfully managing characterization, plot and dialogue.” 

Kirkus Reviews

“Tense and masterfully written, Elaine Kozak ramps up the suspense and keeps the reader riveted from the first page to the final paragraph. Root Causes is a terrific debut novel.”

Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn mystery series.

Root Causes is an impressive first book by West Coast author Elaine Kozak. It leads the reader through a series of apparently inexplicable events; then as the story unfolds it turns out there are wheels within wheels. It becomes harder and harder to determine what is giving rise to mysterious murders, break-ins and other crimes. Kozak maintains the tension while exploring British Columbia’s gorgeous coastline and forests. Anyone who likes a good mystery or who is passionate about the BC coast is sure to enjoy this book.”

Tim P, Amazon Reviewer

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